Steve Taft

Self taught musician

started playing in 1979.

Performed with Rocky Knoll

through the 80s and 90s

In June of 1980 appeared on

The Good Day Show
During his musical career Steve

has opened for such acts as

*  Bill Anderson  *

*  Williams and Ree  *

*  Pirates of the Mississippi  *

Steve has spent many hours in the

studio.  Most notably were  the CD

recordings with Rocky Knoll. Just  

prior to joining R.S.A. Steve was

performing classic rock with the

local band Velocity

Steve is the shortest member of the band.

His 6 string bass is almost as big as he is.

He controls the lights but is usually in the dark.

He's hard to find sometimes.

For a small guy he has a big voice.

He likes Peavey Gear.

He has a great  David Lee Roth kick move
that's funny as hell to see.