Ken Farnham

I started playing drums at 10

and once I got the hang of banging  

on them I joined my first band

Universe with some high school

buddies playing local dances.  It

was cool and the chicks liked it.

We went on to win a

battle of the bands and cut a 45.

I was famous or so I thought
It didn't take long for me to switch to the

keyboards.  My first rig was called an

ARP Quartet.  I got pretty good and was

soon playing in local bands around the

New England area.  Having done weddings

and general business I joined a band called

South Street.  We had a good run playing

the so called eggroll circuit as they liked to

call it.  40+ years later here I am  joining

forces with Bill again and playing today's

hot new country music

He was a drummer first

He is the only one that other than
Yukon Cornelius that knew
Bumbles bounced

He makes a yearly pilgrimage to
Jamaica in search of Gorilla Falls.

Like Bill he is follically challenged

He has a uncanny knack for vocal
impersonations. We wish he could do
that singing.

He prefers his wine homemade