Jonathan Scott

Drummer , singer,  songwriter,

born in Manchester, NH.  His first

live performance was in middle

school. He moved to Kansas

graduated from  Arkansas City High

and moved back to N.H. 13 years

later. "There's no place like home"
John performed with the Blazing Hearts and

then went on to front his own band,

The Jonathan Scott Band

He has logged many hours in the studio and

on the stage. He has opened for such acts as

Two Chix, Big n Rich, Luke Bryan and

John Micheal Montgomery.  

He is a multi-award winning vocalist and

entertainer winning awards here in NH

(NHCMA), the Northeast Region (NiCS), and

Nationally and Internationally (NACMAI).

"....crowd size doesn't matter, whether it's

1 person or 20,000  I leave it all on the stage."

John is the youngest member.

He is taller than Steve (but so isn't

He never stops moving even when
he is standing still.

His favorite band is KISS

Absolutely loves to sing harmony

John started as a drummer

He was a HUGE fan of the
hair band era