Dan LeBlanc

A self taught musician who has

been playing for 35+ years.

He is recognized as one of the

local area's top performers.

Dan has played in many bands

over the years. Most recently

playing with the popular band

* Under Pressure *  
Throughout the 80s Dan played

with the rock band  * Warlock *

During the 90s you could find

him performing with Bill in  

* The South Street Band *

Dan has enjoyed great success

in the local circuit. He is well

known and has a great rapport

with many local musicians.

Dan's root are based in Canada

He never stops moving on the stage

Dan is the only one in the band
that can explain the phrase
" turn it down a little up"

Dan loves blackberry brandy.  
Can you  say......Jezynowka.

Dan has short fingers

Dan is older than Dave but younger
than Bill and Steve, who by the way
share the exact same birthday.

He recently quit smoking

Dan hates the phrase  check 1,  2