Bill Chaban

Bill started playing guitar at 10

and had his first live performance  

at age 13 with the band FIRESIDE.

30+ years later Bill has performed

all over New England.

The longest run with the same band

came with The South Street Band

together for 16 years.  
During the younger years Bill performed  

as an acoustic solo act. He loves the

crowd and has been the front man in

most of the bands he's been in.

He has opened up for such acts as

** Charlie Daniels  **  Highway 101  **

**  McBride and the Ride  **

Bill is an avid songwriter and is also very

comfortable in the studio with several

recording projects to his credit.

He has the deepest voice in the band

He always wears a wrist band and a
G - clef neckcharm when he plays

He makes Strawberry Brandy and
enjoys home canning.
Can you say ROOT CELLAR

Bill usually wears a hat to protect
what hair he has left

With cowboy boots on Bill is almost
2 feet taller than Steve.

He prefers thin guitar picks.